Touch sensor module (for littleBits kit) that interacts with Bare Conductive Paint


Hi all,

Today I would like to present you my touch sensor module prototype for littleBits kit. I needed this little module to create an interaction between littleBits and Bare Conductive paint for my workshop about wearable tech for children. I started considering the example shown here. Then I made some little changes.

For a prototype of this specific touch sensor you will need:


  • Jumpers;
  • 100µF/12v capacitor (at least);
  • Resistors:

1M resistor;

10k resistor;

220r resistor;

  • 555 timer IC;
  • An LED to test your sensor.


  • A breadboard;
  • An Arduino to provide power;
  • A crocodile clips;
  • Bare conductive paint pen.


Here you can find a detail of the breadboard:

(The yellow jumper is the one connected to bare conductive paint via crocodile pin)


In the next few days I will upload the examples of the final version soldered on a micro board that will be embedded into littleBits circuit.

This is how the bit will look like, feel free to download this image:


I hope it will be useful for you!

Stay tuned for further details!

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