Arduino project: musical seesaw device


During my stay in Boisbuchet (France) I worked not only to the “connected birdhouse” project, but also to another ‘simpler’ project prototyped with an Arduino Leonardo + Tinker Kit.

In Boisbuchet there was a seesaw mounted on tree. Even if I am an adult now, I still enjoy swinging on a seesaw. To make the ride more interesting, I prototyped an Arduino based device, able to play a tune while swinging.

The components I used were: an accelerometer (to track the movement on the horizontal axis “X”), a potentiometer (to make the device more or less sensible to the movement), an usb battery and a mini speaker (in my case I used the mini speaker provided with the littleBits Korg kit). See the picture below.


Here you are the code to make your own musical seesaw device. Feel free to experiment composing new tunes for your ride!

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