How to: Lilypad #Arduino with snaps

Lilypad #Arduino with soldered snaps 😀

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I am currently thinking about a new wearable tech workshop, and to start planning the activities I wanted to make a test.

Earlier this week I’ve found an instructional video about soldering snaps to an Adafruit FLORA, but I wasn’t sure that it would be possible to solder snaps to a Lilypad as well… Basically because FLORA’s pins seem bigger than the ones that the Lilypad has.

Today I tried, and the final result surprised me quite a lot.

You have to be familiar with soldering small pieces together, and actually it’s better if you get a third hand tool to make the process simpler and keep your Lilypad firm.

To solder snaps to your Lilypad you have to:

1. Turn your Lilypad upside-down

2. Heat the surface of the pin and melt some tin on top of it.

3. Pull apart the snap and place the piece with the flat surface on top of the pin with melted tin.

3.1 Heat again the pin’s surface while placing the flat snap, help yourself with some extra tin.

4. You’re done!