Tinker Crate & Scientibox: a series of tinker kits right to your door!


Today, I’m going to present 2 companies that offer a subscription for monthly STEM inspired boxes delivered directly to your door.

I’m talking about Tinker Crate and Scientibox.

The first company, Tinker Crate by Kiwi Crate, is an American company that offers different kinds of subscriptions. Basically you sign up to this service and you’ll receive once a month a box with STEM related activities divided for age range.

The categories are 4:

* Koala Crate: suitable for pre-schoolers (3 – 4 y.o.)
* Kiwi Crate: 4 – 8 y. o.
* Tinker Crate: 9 – 14+ y.o.
* Doodle Crate: 9 – 16+ y.o.

You can follow them online and watch their instructional videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/tinkercrate

The second company, ScientiBox, is French and similarly they offer different subscriptions for box activities addressed to kids from 9 to 12 y. o. The only limit, in this case, is not the sky… but you have to know French in order to understand what’s written in the kit.


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