Why I love the #MakerFaire


Here I am, back in London after 10 wonderful days spent in California, 3 of them allocated to the crazy 10th anniversary of the Maker Faire Bay Area.

The participation to this main event about making was mind blowing! The Maker Faire Bay Area is totally different from any other European editions.
The vibe itself is completely different, more artistic, I’d say.

The Maker Faire Bay Area for me it’s a kind of Woodstock-summer of love of Making! Despite the chilly, windy and cloudy weather the atmosphere was so thrilling: people everywhere, loudness, colours, crazy inventions and any kind of startups or companies. Literally, there was a little bit of everything.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to go a lot around the Faire, I just had a quick chance on Friday, because of my workshop.

The title of this workshop, that due to some logistical problems became an endless drop-in session on both days of the faire, was: “The power of cloud: Teach physical computing to kids by running SNAP! on an Arduino Yún”. The feedback were pretty enthusiastic both from people that just tried the demo, and from children and adults (mainly teachers) that tested the contents of the workshop. Not bad as the first experience overseas!

Soon I’ll publish some pictures of the sessions!

Makerini is on the road now! More workshops to follow… Stay tuned!

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