New column: #InspirationalWomen – Daphne Oram

Welcome to my new website! We will start with a new column entitled #InspirationalWomen, which is obviously dedicated to women who made history with their own inventions and discoveries.

I am really pleased to start with Daphne Oram, a British composer and pioneer of electronic music.
She created a wonderful piece of electronics, the Oramics.

The Oramics machine – source

“Oram’s composition machine consisted of a large rectangular metal frame, providing a table-like surface traversed by ten synchronised strips of clear, sprocketed 35mm film. The musician drew shapes on the film to create a mask, which modulated the light received by photocells. Although the output from the machine was monophonic, the sounds could be added to multitrack tapes to provide more texture”. 

This original unique machine was exposed at the Science Museum earlier this year.

Among her stunning success and achievements, there certainly was being the first woman who directed an electronic music studio, and who set up her personal studio, in addition to being the first woman who build an electronic musical instrument.


To learn more about her and the great things that she achieved and made in her life:

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