#Review: AgIC circuit Maker starter kit

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Today I am going to talk about the AgIC circuit maker starter kit.

I backed this kit on Kickstarter, and I am really happy with the product.

The AgIC circuit maker starter kit comes with:

  • Two pens (a marker and an eraser);
  • An extra felt tip for the eraser;
  • Stencil;
  • Reusable battery module and LEDs;
  • Sticker replacement (for the LEDs);
  • 4 sheets of special paper (1 with a pre-made template, 3 blank);
  • 1 illustration card;
  • 2 batteries;
  • An envelope;
  • A book with the instructions on how to use the product.

The aim of this kit is to build a DIY electrical birthday postcard.

agiclayoutThe kit is really straight forward to use. You just need your conductive marker to create a working simple circuit in seconds.

The conductive ink dries quickly, which is pretty impressive if we compare this marker to other products available on the market. Another impressive feature of this product is the chance to erase your “electrical” mistakes using the special “circuit” paper provided and the eraser pen.



agicledThis product may be appropriate for an art classroom, with 9-10 years old kids. The great advantage of playing with it, is the opportunity to reuse the components provided multiple times, changing the stickers at the bottom of the modules.

However this in NOT an non-toxic product, so it must be used carefully and children must be supervised while using it.




agicledon2agicfinalpostcard This is the final result. It really takes second to complete a parallel circuit with this kit. The look and feel of the packaging, the illustrations and the instructions is pleasant and immediate.


The AgIC team has also launched an interesting platform where people can share their design and projects: http://dazz.ly/en

The only disadvantage of the starter kit, is that is not that simple to find it in Europe for certification issues.

I will give to this kit a 5/5 vote.

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