#MFR15 #MakerFaire, mon amour: reflections on the biggest show and tell in the world

There we go,

This time of the year is completely devoted to the Maker Faire.

I had the chance to attend two of the biggest Maker Faires in the world, and I wasn’t let down!

I still find the Maker Faire environment quite exciting and stimulating. On my perspective, I tried to attend as many talks as possible.

What makes these events great are the people!

All those Makers that are willing to share their story with their audience… Because, let’s get straight to the point, one of the strength of making or creating is the power of the story you want to tell, or the story that other people will write with it.

I haven’t managed to see anything really innovative, but that was just because I don’t like being squeezed in the crowd… Have I missed something? Probably… But the most important thing, for me was reconnecting with the community.

I am always really amazed by people’s reaction at the Maker Faires across the globe. The audience may be culturally different, but the enthusiasm is something that you can find, faire, after faire, after faire… And these feelings are mostly universally shared across people of all ages.

Making again is a statement, an act of joy. Against all odds.

Making can change people’s lives, and improve it for the better. After almost 3 years in this field, I can prove it. 🙂

Of course there are some dark sides too, but aren’t those part of the life itself?

If you start making you will probably encounter a lot of failure and frustration, trying to achieve something you didn’t consider on your pathway… Some sort of “making gone wrong” on your way… But if you are capable of coping with that, then the Maker Faire becomes the celebration of success over failure. All your efforts and difficulties will disappears watching a kid smiling, maybe because your idea might have sparked something within them.

As Massimo Banzi, co-founder of Arduino/Genuino, stated during the opening conference of the Maker Faire Rome this year: “Makers are our oil”, referring to their precious contribution to the society.

Similarly, Tom Igoe – the other Arduino/Genuino co-founder – during his presentation at the Maker Faire New York said: “Make the future you want to live in”, a call a lot of people should not refuse.

We must listen to all the challenges the world, with its complexity, is providing us and try to do our best as individuals to preserve and improve what we have.

In my personal experience, both Maker Faires have been the confirmation on how humanity can still grow and prosper for the better. There is still hope!

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