Spooky #HackYourHalloween fun with littleBits at #PlugInSignals

Halloween is just round the corner… Are you ready to be scared?

Last week I was in Colchester for a nice event called Plug-In, organised by the Signals Media Arts Centre.

They ask me to hold a short workshop session with littleBits and Makey Makey.

I had an hour slot to introduce myself, and invite people to have fun with littleBits… After a quick presentation, I have asked to the attendees to dig into my littleBits collection and start making.

The only information I gave to them was the theme… #HackYourHalloween!

In 45 mins or so, they came out with this wonderful ideas!

The first one was some sort of Halloween Carnival

Then a pitch controlled skeleton skull

And a cool Halloween Art installation about a castle on fire, skeletons and scary stories!

Happy Halloween!
…And keep making!!!!

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