#tutorial: How to assemble the @Spikenzielabs’ Musixel Kit

Today I am proud to show you my latest video tutorial.


Thank to this video you will learn how to assemble the Spikenzielabs’s Musixel kit.

The kit comes with a small black pcb board, where you can easily solder the components provided.

The assembly is pretty straight forward, you will just need a good soldering iron to mount the spare components on top of it. Once you’ve done that your imagination is your limit. Surely you can embellish the structure working on a more pleasant way of presenting this product, which aesthetically-wise is not incredibly appealing.

However I think it’s a good way to get started, especially if you’re not familiar with soldering.

The kit costs $29.95, and you can order it online! http://bit.ly/1M9X1N8.

The Musixel kit comes with 9 premade light combinations, and surely you can try to add some extra neopixels (apparently some modes are optimised for a neopixel matrix or a 64 neopixel strip).

If you think this project is way too easy, you can try and build your own “Arduino/Genuino” version of it and have fun with the Neopixels.

I’ll post more info about it soon!

Enjoy the video, and keep making!


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