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Hello there!

I am slowly dedicating some time to dust off my Arduino knowledge and start experimenting with silly side projects for now.  I now work at, actually, it has been almost 2 years now! OMG!

I have made a temperature display with an Arduino UNO + a TMP36 sensor. The code is pretty basic and you can find that below:

The idea is simple: the sensor reads the values which are expressed within a certain range, then we convert those values into the voltage and then we convert those into a final temperature value. In order to avoid too much noise in the readings, we will have to filter those values that come from the sensor, to do that we use the Smoothing function. The clear values are then “printed” on the LCD.

To do that, I used the LiquidCrystal Library (publicly available here) and then added a few lines of code.

This can be a good starting point to create a thermostat for example 😉

I used:

  • 1 Arduino UNO board;
  • 1 breadboard;
  • 1 LCD screen 16*2;
  • 1 potentiometer (for the LCD brightness);
  • 1 TMP36 sensor;
  • 1 220 Ohms resistor;
  • 1 USB cable;
  • Jumper wires.

I must admit the wiring looks quite complicated due to the LCD screen that requires a lot of connections. 🙁

Below the real version… Cables are way messier!

Try one yourself and share if you care 😉


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